All Medical Records are retained for at least as long as required by State and federal law and regulations, and UC__ policies and procedures (see:  “Records Retention” and No. ____, “Records Storage and Destruction”). The electronic version of the record must be maintained per the legal retention requirements as specified in Policy No. _____ (UC Campus) “Record Retention” or consult with Campus Legal Counsel.  
A.  In the event that an original Medical Record cannot be located, a temporary medical record folder will be created as follows:
1.       All identified original documentation held for filing in the original record will be included in the temporary folder; Legal Medical Record Standards  Policy No. 9420
2.       A notation will be made in the record by the Medical Records Department Supervisor or Manager that the record is a temporary  chart being used until the original can be located;
3.       As needed, online documents will be printed and filed into the temporary folder; 
4.       The temporary folder will be tracked in the computerized chart tracking system by means of a special volume  number to distinguish it from the original and  to indicate that it is a temporary chart;
5.       Upon location of the original record,  all material from both the original and temporary folder will be incorporated into the original folder, and the temporary folder will be removed from the computerized tracking system.

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